(To the tune of "The Lady Is A Tramp" by Rodgers and Hart)

She knows ninjitsu and twelve other Arts
She fights with playing cards, yo-yos and darts
Has no compunctions 'bout breaking boys' hearts
That's 'cause the lady is by CLAMP

She goes for broadswords that hide within jewels
Fighting dark forces that take over schools
And lopping the heads off of monsters and fools
That's 'cause the lady is by CLAMP

She's bound by threads of romance and fate
Foes who will hate
Tres cool, sub-high-school-age
She won't chase the boys but she's willing to vamp
That's 'cause the lady is by CLAMP

Doesn't like bullies or yakuza goons
Prefers to use chopsticks to knives, forks or spoons
Leaps into action with her trademarked tunes
That's 'cause the lady is by CLAMP.

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