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Various illustrations and artworks will be turning up here from time to time. I've talked to some fan artists about depicting some of the scenes in the story, plus I have a number of drawings of Warriors' World characters dating back to the late 1980s. As I scan these or receive scans from others, I will post them here.


JPEG, 596×768, 55.2 KB

This full-color image of Doug was part of a portfolio of Warriors images I commissioned as Christmas gifts sometime between the late 1980s and the early 1990s — unfortunately I can't remember the precise year. The artist was a local student who was trying to break into comic books professionally. His name was Vince Russell. Thanks to an email we got from him in November 2003, we now know that Vince did in fact realize his dream and is a well-known artist in the comics industry.

GIF, 848×1100, 30.5 KB

An early sketch of Doug by "Lisa A." She was one of the artists who "auditioned" for the unfinished Warriors Alpha comic book back in 1988, and this was part of the packet of artwork she sent us. While not the style we wanted, the Warriors Group always felt that she'd perfectly captured the essence of Doug's character.

JPEG, 803×1021, 33.2 KB Another sketch of Doug, this one by Arthur Hansen, done in October 2000. This is the very first piece of Drunkard's Walk 2 fan art that I know of, and I thank Arthur immensely for giving me permission to include it here.
JPEG, 702×800, 88.4 KB Well-known fan artist/author Dave Menard's take on Doug. I really like that smirk, and somehow the background seems awfully appropriate. <grin> From January 2003. Don't miss Dave's impressive portfolio of Undocumented Features art over on the Eyrie Productions website.
JPEG, 1024×1280, 151 KB The first of several photorealistic renders created by William "Mark Skarr" Briggs during Spring and Summer of 2011, this is a picture of Doug with Bill's original character Rose that he originally posted in the Drunkard's Walk Forums.
JPEG, 307×617, 31.6 KB Doug as he appeared in the now-defunct City of Heroes. If you're not familiar with City of Heroes, it was a massively multiplayer online superhero roleplaying game which was shut down in late 2012. Because of the (few) limitations of the character designer, I had to go with a helmet that clearly didn't match the descriptions of him in Drunkard's Walk. Doug was a member of a supergroup called The Legendary located on the Virtue server, and perversely, I decided that his presence there was a result of the Walk — although I have yet to decide exactly where in the Walk it is. Screenprint from June 2009.
JPEG, 484×700, 71.9 KB A 25mm Looney Toons miniature. Created by reader Dartz-IRL in early 2010 "from some Games Workshop Canadian parts and a little green stuff." He went on to say "I know it's not quite right... I had to work with what I had to hand, but it's reasonably close. At the very least, it's a different sort of fan art." That it is, Dartz, and one I think is pretty damned cool.


JPEG, 575×769, 75.9 KB Kat, by Dave Menard, created December 2002. This is Kat in one of her favorite "transitional" shapes, which she calls her "half-form" and which she intentionally makes "cute and cuddly".


JPEG, 342×768, 44.8 KB Shadowwalker out of uniform. This is the outfit which her simulacrum is wearing in the scene at the end of Chapter Two of DW2. This unsigned drawing was done by a character artist at a convention some time in the early 1990s. (And thus inspired the scene instead of the other way around.)
JPEG, 420×942, 60.1 KB Shadowwalker in her duty uniform. This pencil sketch is a little rough, but it should serve. The bodysuit is completely black, and no, that's not a mistake, there really aren't any eyeholes in the cowl. Drawn by Vince Russell some time around 1989 or 1990.
JPEG, 613×1000, 123 KB Shadowwalker by Dave Menard. Another great image by one of my favorite author/artists. Created March 2003.
JPEG, 1024×1325, 74 KB Another render by William "Mark Skarr" Briggs, this time of Shadowwalker (with the help of my wife Peggy). Originally posted in the DW Forums, Spring 2011.


JPEG, 436×580, 25.8 KB Shockwave in action. This and the following image are both scans directly from the original character sheets for Shockwave, left in the care of the Warriors Group when Jeff moved to California in 1988. This particular image was drawn on a sheet of lined notebook paper, and while I've done what I can to clean it up, you can still see the lines running through parts of the picture... Drawn by Shockwave's player, Jeffrey (now Jennifer) Ventimilia, circa 1986.
JPEG, 242×453, 22.3 KB Another view of Shockwave. A later drawing (although somewhat cruder), this one showing the evolution of Shockwave's costume into the full space suit he used at the end of his career — the life support pack on his back is just visible. Also drawn by Jeffrey Ventimilia, circa 1988.


JPEG, 602×998, 85.3 KB Silverbolt. Silverbolt shares a distinction with Doug/Looney Toons: they are the only two Warriors who do not habitually wear black duty uniforms. In Doug's case this is because he rotates through three sets of leathers — brown, grey and black — but in Silverbolt's case it's because she operates more or less in the nude. The mystic metal which coats her skin blurs many of the more "personal" details, but it's hard not to notice that it's the only thing she's got on. This sketch drawn in 1995 by a convention artist named Temple.
JPEG, 850×892, 89.3 KB Another version of Silverbolt. Of the two, I personally like this one better. I'm not sure why Silverbolt does her thing nude, but it may be because her powers don't protect what she's wearing, and thus any uniform she might wear would invariably get shredded in the first few seconds of combat anyway.
JPEG, 363×800, 169 KB Silverbolt as envisioned by Dave Menard. Dave's visualization of Silverbolt emphasizes a playful and flirtatious side of her which didn't get any exposure in Chapter 12 of DW2. Maybe someday in a future installment... Created June 2003.
JPEG, 1024×1280, 463 KB Another render by Bill "Mark Skarr" Briggs, this shot of Silverbolt was the first image of a Warriors member he made, as a direct result of rendering Argurous Astraph from GURPS International Super Teams for a campaign of which he was a part. Originally posted in the DW Forums in Spring 2011.
JPEG, 600×760, 100 KB A 3-D render of Silverbolt by our very own Reverend Shayne Dark. For some reason this image had apparently been lurking about in my development folder for the website since June 2009. I rediscovered it in July 2015, wondered whyinhell I hadn't added it to the gallery, then went ahead and fixed that.

Wetter Hexe

GIF, 519×723, 16 KB The "preferred" portrayal of Wetter Hexe, according to Helen Imre, her creator/player. This is an older artwork (late 1990s), done to Helen's specs as part of her character sheet. According to her, the artist is a fellow named "Kiyo" who does character sketches at game and SF conventions.
GIF, 848×1020, 21.5 KB Hexe at a key moment during her origin story. Hexe's in her mid- to late teens at this point, if I recall correctly. This is another "audition" piece for the comic book; Helen's not that fond of it, but I rather like it. Sadly, neither of us can remember the names of the two-man art team who created it and several other unsigned images which we still have.
JPEG, 432×800, 91.3 KB Wetter Hexe, by Dave Menard; created January 2003.
JPEG, 480×800, 208 KB The latest depiction of Hexe, once again done by Dave Menard, this time with micromanagement by Helen Imre. <grin> Created June 2003.

The Warriors

JPEG, 626×821, 121 KB Doug and the "heavy hitters". An early conceptual sketch of the Warriors from chapter 12 of DW2, created by Dave Menard in December 2002, prior to his work on the color images elsewhere on this page. It's off on a few details here and there, but I still think it looks pretty damned good.

"Sailor Loon"

GIF, 424×748, 30 KB Lisa Vanette as "Sailor Loon." Drawn by Brian Dinnigan, January 2001. This was the second piece of Drunkard's Walk fan art that I ever received. Thanks, Brian!
PNG, 533×768, 32.9 KB Lisa Vanette as "Sailor Loon," version 2. Another version of the same portrait image, also by Brian Dinnigan, January 2004.
JPEG, 414×712, 47.7 KB Sailor Loon in action. Another conceptual sketch by Dave Menard dating from January 2003.


JPEG, 548×700, 62 KB Lisa Vanette at a dramatic moment in Chapter 12 of DW2, created by Dave Menard in March 2003. According to Dave, this was a bit of art from a larger piece he was planning which was to be laid out like a comic book page. I don't believe he ever completed it, and since he seems to have dropped off the Net, I suspect he never will.
JPEG, 403×500, 63.3 KB A special image commemorating the completion of Drunkard's Walk II. Yet another piece by Dave Menard, who surprised me with it a couple of days before the last chapter was released in 2004.
JPEG, 259×369, 38.9 KB Doug and the Knight Sabers. A photoshopped blend of the full-color Doug image above, and a promotional image of the Sabers out of their hardsuits and sitting on motorcycles. It was created by DW Forums member "zojojojo".
JPEG, 1024×1325, 399 KB And now for something completely different... Doug's funhouse-mirror counterpart from an Earth both very like and very unlike Warriors' World: Marie Susan Sangnoir, aka "Mary Melodies". Presumably she's married to Michael "Shadowman" Viel and is trying her best to get back to him... Render by Bill "Mark Skarr" Briggs, concept by the twisted minds who frequent the DW Forums, where it all came together in the Spring of 2011.

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