Welcome to the website of Robert M. Schroeck, gamer, author, husband and a few other things, established 1997 and maintained continuously since. While there's no small amount of self-promotion and personal ego gratification to be found here, the major reasons for this website are firstly to provide support and information for many of the gameworlds that I have had published or in which I currently run games, and secondly, to host the for-fun writing I do on the side when not writing for pay. I maintain an Amazon.com Associate bookstore on this site for those who are interested in buying my or others' books.

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Latest Update: 10 July 2015

Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends...

Well. Three years between updates.

All I can say is that they were three very busy years. After fifteen months or so I left the job at Micrologic which was the big news in my last update. I made a deliberate move to that was closer and a bit calmer. That new position was at an outfit that went through a name change while I was there and ended up known as Kamine Technology Group. I had a couple different roles there, but I ultimately ended up a full-stack web developer. Great place. Great people. Unfortunately, they had a cash crunch this spring and had to let a few people go — including, sadly, me.

Unlike last time, it only took me six weeks to find a new job. It pays much better, but the commute is much worse. Unfortunately for those of you insatiably curious about my life, I'm not going to say where I'm working now, because they have some onerous policies about employees' presence on social media — which I suppose this counts as. And as long as I don't actually identify them, and say as little about my work as possible, I won't come under their restrictions (or, I hope, to their attention).

For those GURPS I.S.T. fans out there, you'll be delighted to learn that I'm actually working on the second edition/25th anniversary edition, with a strong commitment from Steve Jackson Games to put it out. I don't have a contract yet, but it's just a matter of submitting a revised outline. The bad news is that, well, what with losing my job and a few other things, my life kind of imploded about nine months ago, and that revision got shoved on the far back burner and has been sitting untouched all this time. But my life is starting to ease up and I can finally turn my attention to it again.

Similarly, I can also finally give some attention to Drunkard's Walk again. Chapter 4 of DW8 and Chapter 2 of DW13 are also both live again, although not much has been added to either — yet. I have been able to manage a little other writing during the last three years, doing up a couple short stories for DW's parallel sister/sub-series Girls, Girls, Girls — see below.

What's New on the Site

The main Drunkard's Walk page has been updated and reorganized a bit.

The previously-theoretical subseries Girls, Girls, Girls now has its own section on that page, and the two new stories mentioned above — ...'Cause Our Mission Is The Future... and Ye Shall Not Die Alone — are linked both there and in the site menu now.

And a bit of fun from my forms, the so-called "Drunkard's Walk nanoSteps", are now also available on the site, also linked from the DW page and the menu.

And while working on these updates, I discovered that I have had an image of Silverbolt, lovingly rendered in 3-D by the spectacularly Reverend Shayne Dark, lurking about in my development directory since 2009. I couldn't let that stand, and have updated the Drunkard's Walk image gallery page accordingly.

And that's it until next time.

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