[DWVIII:  Harry Potter and the Man from Otherearth]

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After more than seventy years of traveling from universe to universe, Colonel Douglas Sangnoir is used to waking up in strange new worlds. This one is stranger than most, though — an Earth contemporary to his own, seemingly normal save for the absence of metahumans, but secretly hosting a civilization of wizards living lives of magic and enchantment outside the sight of their far more numerous non-magical cousins. When Doug seeks help in his journey home from one of their greatest, he ends up both teaching magical combat to wizarding children and involved in a desperate struggle against an undead Dark Lord and his forces. And he's not entirely sure which of the two is the more challenging task.

Let's not even bring up the government bureaucrats who find him inconvenient — and would like nothing more than to ensure that he disappears, permanently.

Drunkard's Walk VIII

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