[Drunkard's Walk S:  Heart of Steel]

Latest Update: 9 April 2020

Well. It seems like a version of Japan fairly typical for the worlds Doug has visited during his exile, and utterly unlike the Japan of the timeline where he was born — xenophilic, its language filled with foreign loan words, and no metahumans.

No, wait — one metahuman: a 14-year-old girl called "Sailor V". But before he really has time to digest that oddity, Doug stumbles over that world's second metahuman hero during her first night on the job. The teacher in him won't let him walk away, especially with the demonic entities she seems to be tasked with facing. So he offers some basic training.

Before he knows it, he's hip-deep in teenage superheroines and fighting an extradimensional invasion...

Drunkard's Walk S

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