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This is the Miscellanea page, a sort of catch-all for anything that I really don't think merits its own "major section" page. You'll find snippets of my non-game writing, among other things, here.

This page is likely to mutate and evolve as time goes on. If a section here gets large enough, I'll probably spawn a new category page to cover it, as I did with Drunkard's Walk. So if you like the little things I do, check here often...

Anime Fanfiction

I've been a reader of rec.arts.anime.creative and a member of the Fan Fiction Mailing List since the middle 1990s, and since June 1998 I have been posting my own creative works to the Net. Below are a few of my efforts to date.

A Wild and Untamed Thing... -- Everyone has their hobbies; some just aren't as obvious as others. A Bubblegum Crisis story. (Warning -- strong language.)

A Dirty Pair of Lethal Weapons 5 -- A crossover teaming up two of the most destructive duos in law enforcement -- one from anime, the other from American action films. A spamfic that may become a full-length fic someday. (Warning -- strong language.)

The Fulfillment of Prophecy -- a Harry Potter short-short with a few subtle crossover elements.

All The Young Girls... -- Elton John does Ranma 1/2. Or maybe just about all of anime, in one way or another... A filksong, and an anthem for tsunderes everywhere.

Finnegans Half -- My response to a challenge issued on the FFML by David Johnston on July 7, 1998, to write a fanfic for any anime in the style of a famous author -- except for Ranma 1/2 "... Unless of course you can think of a _truly_ bizarre and distinctive author to do it. James Joyce or Hemingway perhaps." So I did Ranma 1/2 as Finnegans Wake. Thank you, David, for the challenge and the inspiration.

We Belong -- A Ranma 1/2 "songfic" written as an anniversary gift to my wife. The first fanfic I ever released to the Net.


Drunkard's Walk

My metaseries Drunkard's Walk is large enough that it warrants its own page. Look for it there!


The Brag of the College Applicant

As best as I can recall, I first encountered this remarkable document on Steve Jackson Games' old Illuminati BBS, years before the Internet exploded into the popular culture. Subsequently, it lived on the website of a user on Illuminati's successor system, Now it has a home on my site.

I can't describe the Brag adequately. Readers of Drunkard's Walk II have seen snippets from it, but they are only the barest hint at its entirety. Read it here, and wonder what you might have (or might yet) accomplish before reaching the age of 18...

Update, May 7, 2002. I have recently discovered that the Brag is available in several places on the Web, only not under that name. As it turns out, the attribution on my copy to Hugh Gallagher is completely correct. In 1990, the Brag -- properly called "Essay 3A" -- won an essay contest, was published in Harper's magazine, and was indeed submitted as Gallagher's application essay. It must have worked; he got into NYU, and he's now a writer, humorist and novelist. You can find out more about him on Wikipedia. Of course.

World Religions, Philosophies and Ideologies

In the early 1990s, I and a group of friends on one of the old dial-up BBS networks started expanding on the text of a particular scatalogical T-shirt you may have seen. It became a list reducing the greatest heights of human thought to simple, easy-to-understand summaries. Read that list here. Warning! This material contains offensive language. Boy, does it contain offensive language.

The PIC Songbook

Back in the 1970s, at the residential college where I lived while attending Princeton University, a small group of talented people created a collection of song parodies specific to the University and the University community -- including a rewrite of the entire flip side of the Beatles' album Abbey Road (back when records were vinyl and had two sides, that is). Now, for the first time (as far as I can tell), the PIC Songbook is available on the Web.

Filks and Parodies

Okay, as the Ranma song up above probably indicates, I dabble in song parodies from time to time. Here are a couple more.

In Memoriam

And finally, a change of tone to something a bit more serious: a memorial page for a friend of mine who passed away in 2004.

In Memoriam: Lisa Frankel Tomaszewski

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