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Ian McLeod's follow-up to Drunkard's Walk II picks up several months after Douglas Sangnoir's departure from MegaTokyo. The changes he set in motion there have begun to snowball, and no one — not Sylia, Lisa, Madigan or any of the other players on the scene — knows where the future will lead. As an impending avalanche of social change looms over Japan and the rest of the world, new factions both public and secret begin implementing their own agendas, threatening to alter the world unrecognizably.

And then a new Visitor arrives from another universe with a very specific purpose...

Dead Bang has long been, in my opinion, one of the best fanfics spawned by Drunkard's Walk II. With the release of its sixth chapter in August 2008, though, I had to recognize it as a worthy successor to DW2. I have since consulted with Ian and given him (secret!) background material on the Walk in order that he might better dovetail it into my established continuity. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

— Bob

Dead Bang

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