[GURPS Shapeshifters Cover]In July of 2003 my book GURPS Shapeshifters was released. As is often the case when I write a book, I wrote too much, and it had to be trimmed out of the book in order to fit in the standard 128 pages. (I don't know what it is -- the words-per-page count is all but written in stone, and works for everyone else. It's all very simple -- 750 words per page, 128 pages, just about 100,000 words. So why do my 90K- to 100K-word manuscripts all end up 30 pages too long? Gah.)

Anyway, what got sacrificed in Shifters were sample races and character types. Below you will find links to the major sections excised, now available here for the first time -- some of this text wasn't even available to the playtesters! Despite changes to the rules after I submitted my final draft, this material is completely up to date and can be used "as-is" in a Fourth Edition Shapeshifters-based campaign.

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