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[DW5, by William 'Mark Skarr' Briggs] By this point in his journey, Colonel Douglas Sangnoir has realized that his next dimensional gate is not likely to be the one back to the home and wife that he misses so much. But the last thing he expects after jumping out of the Holland Township, NJ compound of the Banzai Institute is to land in the laps of four Norse gods living more-or-less as mortals in a Tokyo suburb, on an Earth sans metahumans, circa 1997.

Drunkard's Walk V / Oh! My Brother! Book II: Another Divine Mess You've Gotten Me Into is a crossover between Drunkard's Walk and Christopher Angel's acclaimed Oh! My Goddess fanfic, Oh! My Brother! Cowritten by Bob Schroeck and Christopher Angel, it is set after chapter 11 of OMB and the entirety of the God's Toy stories. (It is not related to Chris' epic story, Turn The Page.)

You can learn more about the world of Oh! My Brother!, God's Toy and Turn The Page at Chris' website,

Drunkard's Walk V

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