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This metaseries is about the adventures of Douglas "Looney Toons" Sangnoir, a metahuman operative from an Earth very similar to the IST World. Thrown out of his universe and into a succession of others, Doug is trying to get home to his duty and to the woman he loves.

Drunkard's Walk II has received critical acclaim! Well, sorta. Vocal reader/fan/author Rob Kelk has included DW2 on his list of the dozen best fanfics on the Web. (Its position on that list above Robert Haynie's Girl Days simply astounds my wife, who is a great fan of the latter, and not that great a fan of DW2...) Anyway, check it out and give some of the other fics listed a try, if they're new to you.

The Drunkard's Walk of Douglas Sangnoir

I have (at the moment) fourteen "Steps" planned for the Walk. Some of these stories are heavily outlined, with entire scenes written; others are just jotted notes.

Drunkard's Walk I: A Horse Ain't A Horse, Of Course, Of Course
(Working title) After accidentally plunging through a teleport gate in the middle of a combat, Colonel Douglas Sangnoir of the United Nations Metahuman Peacekeeping Force Warriors Alpha awakens to find himself in another world — as a "guest" of a medieval nation with psionic heralds and even more psionic horses. And when a magical accident entwines his fate with that of a harried young herald trainee, Doug promises to help her discover what happened to her late parents — the fulfilment of which just may include short-circuiting a war.

This Step is currently in development.

Drunkard's Walk II: Robot's Rules of Order
His second stop takes Doug to the world of the Bubblegum Crisis, where he finds himself at odds with just about everybody except an overly curious young reporter.

This Step is complete.

Ian McLeod's Dead Bang is the official sequel to Drunkard's Walk II.

Drunkard's Walk III: Sana-chan no Omocha
The third Step of the Walk finds Doug adopted as a house guest and bodyguard by an eccentric child actress and her even more eccentric novelist mother, as he tries to find out who is stalking them.

This Step is on hold at the current time.

Drunkard's Walk IV: Pests and Hanoi-ances
(Working Title) Investigating a possible sortie from the Eighth Dimension, a Blue Blaze Irregular strike team discovers an unconscious Doug strapped to his motorcyle and brings him back to the Banzai Institute for Biomedical Engineering and Strategic Information. When the infamous Hanoi Xan learns of a dimensional traveler who does not need Buckaroo Banzai's Oscillation Overthruster to breach the walls between universes, matters take a dangerous turn.

This Step is on hold at the current time.

Drunkard's Walk V: Another Divine Mess You've Gotten Me Into
Doug's dislike for celestial beings is well-known to the reader by this point. When he wakes up in Tokyo surrounded by avatars of the Three, he is less than pleased, and not a little panicked. A hybrid Oh! My Goddess! (aka Aa! Megami-sama!)/In Nomine setting. Co-written with Christopher Angel, this Step crosses over with the popular O!MG fanfiction "Oh! My Brother".

This Step is complete.

Drunkard's Walk VI: Angel Baby
(Working title) While stuck on an Earth which has recently suffered a global catastrophe, Doug supports himself by opening a storefront dojo in a city called Tokyo-3. Little does he know that he will literally change the fate of the world by teaching three 14-year-olds what it means to be friends, teammates — and heroes. A story set in the world of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

This Step is currently in development.

Drunkard's Walk VII: Revolution Calling
(Working title) After his latest worldjump, Doug wakes up in Manhattan's Central Park, tangled into a heap with a wounded, unconscious girl onto whose aura someone has grafted the power of a demigod. Together they explore the implications and limits of that power as Utena Tenjou prepares herself for a final showdown with the Fallen Prince Akio Ohtori, with the soul and sanity of Anthy Himemiya — and possibly the very fabric of the world — at risk. A Revolutionary Girl Utena story.

This Step is currently in development.

Drunkard's Walk S: Heart of Steel
In an otherwise ordinary, mundane world, Doug discovers both the vanguard of an interdimensional invasion, and that world's second superhero during her first night on the job. Before he realizes it, he finds himself in the role of teacher, adviser, coach and sometimes surrogate father to a team of metahuman teens. Set in what becomes a wildly alternate version of the first season of Sailor Moon.

This Step is unnumbered and takes place between Steps VII and VIII.

This Step is in production.

Drunkard's Walk VIII: Harry Potter and the Man From Otherearth
When Doug awakens after his latest jump facing a dragon in Romania, he has no clue that he will soon afterward end up embroiled in a magical civil war in England. A Harry Potter altiverse set during the period covered by Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

This Step is in production.

Drunkard's Walk IX: The Borribles
(No title yet) Doug finds himself back in London — but it's London in the 1970s, in a world without metahumans. Other than that it seems normal enough... until he discovers the giant talking rodents and the immortal elf-like children who fight them, hidden in the baseboards of human society. Set in the world of the classic "muck epic" series of urban fantasy novels by the late Michael de Larrabeiti.

This Step is currently in development.

Drunkard's Walk X: Walking Into The Storm
Doug's next jump drops him into a deserted Japanese city, hemmed in on all sides by forcewalls. He's not alone, though — to keep him company there are two electric linemen, a beautiful bounty hunter with a talkative computer, a man who seems suspiciously close to a god and his talkative computer, a green-haired girl in a strangely familiar sailor fuku outfit... and an utterly invulnerable, utterly unstoppable, bioengineered killing machine.

This installment is a four-way crossover between Drunkard's Walk, Ed Becerra's Legion's Quest, the original live-action movie Zeiram (which inspired the anime Iria: Zeiram the Animation), and the Sailor Moon Expanded project. Ed and I have been busy planning and plotting this for years, and I think we can guarantee a rollercoaster of a story.

This Step is currently in development.

Drunkard's Walk XI: Brother Loon, Sister Princess
(Working title) Always one for new experiences, Doug takes a job as a groundskeeper at what looks to be a large, unopened resort on an island off the coast of Japan, only to end up a bemused onlooker and occasional adviser when thirteen girls — and their somewhat shell-shocked half-brother — take up residence there. A Sister Princess story.

This Step is currently in development.

Drunkard's Walk XII: Nine Flowers and A Weed
Doug's long been used to odd worlds by now, but this one catches him by surprise: a 1920s steampunk Tokyo in the midst of a war against supernatural evil. Naturally he seeks out the good guys to help — but can he cope with the side effects that their cover as a musical theatre troupe will have on his metatalent? A story set in the world of Sakura Taisen.

This Step is currently in development.

Drunkard's Walk XIII: Glory Hound
Doug's arrival in scenic Sunnydale, California coincides with that of the hellgod Glorificus, and soon he finds himself on the same side as Glory's foes — Buffy Summers and the Scooby Gang. But even as Doug desperately draws on every bit of arcane and tactical lore he possesses to help the Slayer and her friends, secrets are revealed — secrets about his past, his present and his future; secrets that not even he knew. And if he fails this trial, he will never see his home or wife again. Co-written with Helen "Wetter Hexe" Imre.

This Step is in production.

The Drunkard's Walk: Steplets

Brief one-shots about some of Doug's shorter stopovers. These will range anywhere between shaggy-dog story and fully-fledged short fiction.

The Drunkard's Walk: nanoSteps

Drabbles, vignettes and even one-liners written by both myself and the denizens of my forums, set in worlds Doug visited in between the Steps of the Walk. Most of these are apocryphal, but a few are official.

The Drunkard's Stagger

If you dare, you might check out the stories written as part of the so-called Drunkard's Stagger, a collection of fanfiction for and about DW, written by folks other than me.

Girls, Girls, Girls

An unanticipated spin-off of Drunkard's Walk, this parallel series focuses on the adventures of a growing crowd of girls and young women following Doug across the multiverse. They don't always hit every world he does, and visit more than a few he never did, and in the process are becoming legends in their own right. Key moments in their travels can be found in the epilogues to many of the Steps on the Walk, but as time goes on (and allows), they are getting full stories of their own; they also have their own nanoStep thread in my forums (which hasn't yet accumulated enough installments to merit a copy here).

The Future...

If I am lucky enough to complete this terribly ambitious project, the Walk will be followed by the joint explorations of Doug and Shadowwalker in The Drunkard's Vacation, and possibly a few more "Steplets" as the impulse takes me.

Drunkard's Walk FAQ

In response to a number of frequently-asked questions, I have created a page of frequently-provided answers. Feel free to browse, and feel free to ask me anything that doesn't show up in the list!

Discussion Board

I have a discussion board for DW and other topics. Please come and join us there — and maybe learn things you won't find out here...

Fuzion Stats For Doug Sangnoir

After several requests by readers, I have decided to make Doug's write-up in the Fuzion game system available, along with notes on how I converted him from V&V. I initially created this character sheet for "reality-checking" him against the Sabers as represented in the BGC RPG, and now you can make your own call on whether or not I did a good job of it. Much thanks to Logan Darklighter for helping bring him into compliance with the latest version of the rules!

Limited permission is granted to gamemasters seeking to use Doug in a BGC RPG game — see the page itself for more details.

Click here to see Doug's Fuzion character sheet.


Thanks to some very talented people, including some of the Net's best fan artists, readers of the Walk can now see a collection of Drunkard's Walk and Warriors' World artwork.

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