Narth 2000 is the GURPS campaign that my wife Peggy and I used to run on Apple's now-defunct eWorld online service. After eWorld went belly-up in the Spring of 1996, we then moved it to IRC, but it went on hiatus shortly afterwards. We revived it as an irregular tabletop campaign for a couple years in the early 2000s, but as of around 2003 the game has been moribund.

Anyway, as its name suggests, Narth 2000 is related to my Narth AD&D campaign. Some of the background material is the same for both campaigns, as they are both set in the same world, although at two different points in time.

This web page is set up to provide background information on the world of Narth to the players in the various campaigns.

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What GURPS sourcebooks were used in Narth 2000?

The following sourcebooks were all used to one degree or another in the creation and play of Narth 2000:

Some aspects of the gods of Narth are handled using Wizards of the Coast's now out-of-print system, The Primal Order. And just to make you nervous, some aspects of dealing with the gods were handled using rules from GURPS Cthulhupunk.

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What's the difference between a church and a temple?

Within the context of Narth, a "church" is the organized body which worships a specific deity. A church with little or no political power, or a very small number of worshippers, would be called a "cult", but this is often considered a perjorative term, usually associated with worship of evil or otherwise inimical deities.

The actual physical building in which worship services are held is usually called a temple. For those religions which worship deities with nature aspects or spheres, the site of worship is usually a grove or circle of stones, with no actual structure erected.

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Will you be adding more info on Narth to the Web?

In a word, yes. I have a lot of background information that isn't exactly necessary for players to begin creating characters and join the game, but which provides a lot of added detail and flavor to the world. As I get around to typing it up, I will add it to the website.

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I have a question about Narth 2000...

Narth is the work of nearly 40 years of continuous development; it would be impossible to put everything here, at least at first. If you have a question about some aspect of Narth, you can email it to me. I'll answer you in email, but if the question is of general interest and the answer gives a better picture of the campaign, I'll add it to this web page (and give you credit for asking it!).

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