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On this page you will find archives of the sessions of the online Narth 2000 game, which spanned five years, counting a bit of a hiatus in the middle of archive 6. Transcripts are available in groups of 10 sessions per ZIP archive. There are currently seven archives available.

Available for download from this page are:
Sessions 1 through 10, from 9/22/94 to 12/15/94. We gain players, we lose players. Ranyard comes and goes, Father Zandor and Janor come and stay. The first appearances of Iaruwitha and Shymsal. We meet Ash, Kayleigh, Yun and Kanakla. The party is formed. On to Cerebrospace and a Library. An attack by C-space constructs.
Sessions 11 through 20, from 12/22/94 to 3/16/95. Into the Undercity. The discovery of Yadhai there. Destroying a building. The rescue of Denaray. The return aboveground. To the Chapel of Kirje. The murder of the priestess.
Sessions 21 through 30, from 3/23/95 to 6/8/95. Finding the Fresco map. Denaray knocks herself out for the party. A giggling acolyte in the Fermus temple, and a gate to Godsland. Ambushes in Godsland. Through the gate to Telleana, the vestibule plane of Kirje. On through to Talestal, then Landarria. We meet Matt, the misplaced merchant. And an out-of-continuity session, for the fun of it.
Sessions 31 through 40, from 6/15/95 to 11/30/95. Into Telharmonium. Tests, and the Great Dragon. Kirje and the Ring. Ash's secret identity revealed! Returning by way of Oathsholme. An invisible dragon drops. Back to Narth. Surrounded in Godsquare.
Sessions 41 through 50, from 12/7/95 to 3/21/96. Father Zandor sins. Sworn to the Living Bough. Tracking the killers of the priestess. Through Low Town. Denaray turns a thug to dust. Into the sewers. Interrogating a killer. Ash discovers an organization... and an order. Father Zandor summoned to duty.
Sessions 51-60, from 3/29/96 to 2/18/99. Father Zandor receives a mission from Iaruwitha. Checking out a corpse on ice. As the investigation continues, an ominious picture emerges. Research at the mageguild library. Ransacking the infiltrator's bed reveals a clue. Taking a note, and chugging espresso. Further investigations. Meeting Ranyard again. Denaray shows up to help, and discovers a few clues. Back to look at the body one more time.
Sessions 61-70, from 3/4/99 to 9/30/99. Back to the pantry, to find something hidden there. Denaray and Father Zandor deal with the consequences as Ranyard and Yun depart. Yun reports to the Princess, and Father Zandor negotiates with a guard. The captain is uncooperative, and has a secret. Ranyard turns out to be nearby, and a prisoner is carted off. In an interlude, Father Zandor holds a vigil. The prisoner is delivered and prepped. Interrogation begins, and something goes horribly wrong. Aftermath and a delivery.

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