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In the beginagin, for explicification: Ranma-san, fiance d'amores quatres, fr'over the China Sea had eswum, pawsued by bearassed father in angerous wordispute of giri, and endrencharrived feminized avec pandarous duty oer hisher head. Akanaiikune him befriended four dojospar in the aftermarth of misigendrification uncovered soun after herhis arrival. Kemperformance avec strengthandstyle, but Ronnama nondefeated Akane by fightingnot and headtouch.

After, the furo, andiscovery as Genma-Soun talk; Bakane inwalked upon Rotokoma enbathed. Her gut hentaied in nots, she cried unto the sealing of bathing pervert, and sought to him damagekilldead. But as she o'erhead tableheld, Ranma entrances: "Sorry 'bout this."

In short papanda definates the sorrowpool cursexchange with watherthrow and girlforming. Nabikasukane confustunned, but Tendad is uncrying and rejoyceful at prospect of familyjoyn. Unto threndo sistren papresented Ranma is, as betrotential husbandtobe unto one. Sistelders buckpass and Ranmakane pairform, unwilling and unwont. Angresentment both in fatherfaces and eachinsult; tablestrike downthrows Ranma aft'he claims beautyform grater upon 'Kane.

"Thatty had coming," Sagenma explicates the obvious untendo.

Later, to encouragesmentify, "spunkute," Genda to son claims; Rotokoma "kawaiikune" says in dasagreemint.

from "Finnegans Half", by James Joyce

(-- Robert M. Schroeck, July 7, 1998)

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