The Illuminati BBS TFOS game set in Greendale lasted through some 12 or more players, two different BBS packages, and almost a decade, counting a brief incarnation on Illuminati Online in 1996. The following five archives contain almost all of the public action (and some of the private messages) that comprised the campaign.

I want to thank Walter Milliken and "Archangel" Beth McCoy for their kindness in providing me with these files. I kept my own copies of the game turns, but it was (foolishly) in hardcopy. I had once hoped that, as time allowed, I woud dig through those hardopies to provide more of the "secret" background stuff that went on in email when characters were not in full view of everyone else, but I have never seemed to find the time or energy to do so.

Available archives:
Posts from 11/18/87 to 7/7/88. Some background, and some characters from my original face-to-face game. The initial band of students shows up for the first time, and we get all the way to the end of the first day. A pep rally is planned, as is mischief. Lunch at Greasy Tony's. A first encounter with Petty School students goes poorly.
Posts from 7/7/88 to 10/6/88. Plans, designs and lightbulbs. Huey's nemesis. Weird Shop is interrupted for the BIL-9000. BIL must open the pod bay doors for the Wonkavator. The gang cuts and runs to Fonzo's for lunch. Teddy gets cheesed. Supr Hee-Row apprehends two Petties. Ross Talsorian sticks his head in to see how things are going. Going to the Mall, going to Woofer's Hi-fi Shed, and going to be crushed by a large porcupine...
Posts from 10/6/88 to 4/18/89. Fun at Woofer's. Crashing -- not. "Borrowing" bulbs from Odd-Job, helped by a stranger. Bad news for Huey, but he doesn't get to hear it. Swomi and Mike race. Crashing -- yes. Awakening in Jake's Junkyard. We can rebuild him, we have the technology. The mystery of Cassandra. To Fonzo's again. The gang gathers, and new players join.
Posts from 4/18/89 to 2/10/91. New students cause a ruckus in Fonzo's. Back to the Junkyard. A long hiatus and a change in venue for the game. More new players. A latenight attack while fixing Labby. The Tickle Cannon is used for the first time. The ACOs are coming...
Posts from 2/11/91 to 9/25/91. ACO's and alien attacks at the Petty School. Beth Catcloud gets revenge. ACOs and junkyard drag races. Things crash a lot. Swomi goes out of town and over the edge. Ern and Pyrene burn rubber. We reach the end of the second day of school.

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